What is real Yoga?

Q: I follow you through social media and know you have much more experience and knowledge than I, so I wanted to ask your personal belief system. Been practicing yoga for over 2 decades now, I am having a very hard time NOT being jugemental when it comes to the inauthentic (in my opinion) yoga of anything that involves goats, horses, paddleboards, chickens or kittens… may I humbly ask how one goes about live and let live when it comes to something very close to the heart?

Dr. Arora: It is extremely important to know that the sole purpose of Yoga is YOGA. It is not for fun or to simply explore creativity and kill boredom.  However, it is important to note that everyone is at a different level of awareness/realization based on their physical, mental, emotional, karmic and pranic capacity. I may not agree with all possible methods/ ways on how the understanding of this subject is evolving but I also do not wish to tell someone else what is right or wrong. 

Discernment is a very important tool that Yoga offers. It is called Viveka Khyati in Yoga. By having this tool one can put their energy in the direction which is meaningful, progressive, purposeful. Knowing this, I know my dharma is to simply share the limited I know and keep learning more to evolve to the definition of Yoga itself. 

Know that nothing will happen to real Yoga!

Yoga was, is and shall be what it originally is. All possible mutations that are happening are temporary and inevitable. 

From Indu Arora Official website.