Being Young Again

The function of the spine is to elongate, and in this elongation its elasticity and youth are regained. It is not a battle against old age, but rather a bringing back to life of those parts of the body which have been neglected for so long and which have lost their suppleness.

The function of the body is to collect energy from the ground. By grasping the gravity of the earth we become connected to the soil, from which plants and trees also receive part of their nourishment. The other part is given by air, water and the sun.

This contact with the soil will enable us to expand not only vertically but also on a horizontal level all around like the branches of a tree, extending and bending forwards, sideways and backwards.

We have lost contact with our bodies, and re-establishing this connection is what we try to do. The body should respond immediately to the requests of the mind. The smaller the gap between the two, the more efficient the action. In medical terms this is called “reflex”.

There is no age limit, one can start yoga when 70 or 80 years old and no damages will occur if the movements originate from the spine. People feel elated and it gives them comfort and encouragement to discover that it is possible for them to control and modify their bodies. To talk about old age as an impediment is an excuse to be lazy. A lady of 70 was delighted to follow the movement along her back saying “It feels like being young again.”

From the book “Awakening the Spine” by Vanda Scaravelli