Savory Minari Potato Pancake for Korean Oscar Winning Film ‘Minari’

Savory Minari Potato Pancake

  1. Clean minari and cut it into 10cm long.
  2. Peel and grate a potato in a bowl.
  3. Add buckwheat flour and salt in the bowl.
  4. Add minari and mix thoroughly.
  5. In case of too much liquid, add the flour.
  6. Heat oil and fry the mixture like a flat cake till golden brown.
  7. For dip sauce, grate apple slice and add red pepper paste, vinegar, sesame seed. Mix all together.
  8. Serve pancakes with the dip sauce while hot.
  • Minari(water parsley) 100G
  • Potato 1ea
  • Buckwheat flour 2Ts
  • Salt 1/2ts
  • Dip sauce: red pepper paste 1Ts, vinegar 1/2Ts, apple 1/4ea, sesame seed 1/2Ts

‘Minari’ Star Yuh-Jung Youn wins Best supporting actress Oskar 2021.

A photo from NewsOne.