Truly Yin

I listen to people’s questions: “What is Yin Yoga?” Usually, the answer is once again technical and so body-oriented. Fascia, bones, connective tissue.. Can you go beyond the body and connect with what is as real as matter but yet not so tangible? Yin is not about effort. She speaks to us about the beautiful quality of acceptance.

Yin says: “When there is time, take it. Don’t be in a rush to understand, don’t be in a rash in your life and yoga practice. When life is kind with you, let things flow and observe. When life is not kind to you, observe how much you can flow with life. Bring back kindness and softness in your relationships and your yoga practice. This is yin. Live from the heart, as much as you can. Whenever you can, bring back kindness and compassion in your relationships. And be compassionate with yourself all these times where you can not. This is yin. – Betty Papadopoulou, Yin yoga practitioner